Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Connecting With The Barber's Summer Home

"You have reached the Barber's summer home,
Some are home, some are not
Leave a message and we will call you back."

Remember the days when we had a family phone and everyone got messages for each other? Now we are separated a bit more from each other. Everyone has their own phone with their own voicemail. Our individual phones are also our personal televisions, computer access to the world as well as our own message hub. No longer do we take messages for one another orhave to go in another room to watch tv when we don't like what is on. Simply put in your earbuds click on Netflix and you can sit and veg to Pretty Little Liars while dad watches Shark Week on PBS. The sad thing is it eliminates a lot of our conversations. 

What did Jackie call about?
Are you going on the hike with Mark?
Why is Rachel mad at you?
Why didn't you tell me you broke up with Jill?

I even miss the constant questions the kiddos had about the movie or program we were watching together.

Did that guy have a gun?
Where did that girl come from?
Who is that boy afraid of?
Do you think the mom will be okay?

Believe me, I love technology. I am a Facebook addict. I feel so fortunate that I have relationships with my adult cousins and can see the sweet faces of babies that have just come into this world. But I also recognize how technology is separating us if we let it. Families have to be intentional about watching programs together and know who is communicating with their kids. It was so easy when we all used the wall phone in the kitchen. I could eavesdrop while stirring the Posole and knew what follow-up questions I would ask as soon as they hung up.

Staying connected today is not impossible just challenging in new ways than when our outgoing message on the answer machine was for the entire Barber's Summer Home.

In Him,

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