Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Hope for the Future, Memories of Today

Hope is a powerful place to live. All of us face truths that are painful throughout our lives. Some of us live with impending sorrow. When a parent, a child, or any loved one is diagnosed with a disease that will inevitably take them from us we must face the reality of the situation. But there is always room for hope. Sitting in grief and depression does nothing to postpone our loss. It only robs us of the moments and memories that we are gifted with in the present. Life unfolds and we walk through it one way or another. 

Often people debate if it is easier to lose someone in a moment or know that they are leaving before they go. Goodbyes are possible when we are forewarned but the reality is so hard to embrace. How do we share our hearts completely? Is there ever enough conversation or touch? The truth is we don't get to choose how we lose one another. What we do get to choose is how we treat each other in every moment.

There is a family with a two year old who will not be with them much longer. Does her heartbroken parents need to "man up" and face the reality that is ahead of them? Or is it okay for them to live each day planning her future and acting as if she will be with them forever? They know the truth of the situation but they have chosen to live in hope and build a lifetime of memories with their precious daughter rather than dwell on what is to come. Who are we to remind them to face reality and own their situation. They will face it and own it soon enough. In the meantime, they will dress their beauty up in her fancy dresses and fix her hair adorably and proudly share her with each other and the world. These moments, the pictures, the smiles and hugs will keep her with them for the lifetime that they have hoped for.

Hope does not mean living in a fantasy world. Hope means gathering treasured times and knowing that every now and again a miracle does happen. The love we have for each other is a miracle in itself.

In Him,

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