Monday, February 17, 2014

Hand In Hand With My First Love

One of the best compliments Ron and I ever got was when someone thought we were a second marriage. We were taking a Scuba diving class and the other couples thought we were too happy to be a first marriage. Sad but true. They thought at our age it would be impossible to still be in love and having fun together with your first spouse. We took it as a  compliment that we come across to others as an example of a high school romance that is still full of love and humor after almost 40 years.

At church this week, a young lady told us how cute we are together. Guess we have become that adorable, little, old couple that still holds hands and smiles at each other. I like that. It is okay with me that we have grey hair and hands that have more wrinkles than we would like. This is my heart's desire to be Ronnie B.'s wife and get to move into the next part of our journey hand in hand.

not you and i 
but us
for we are one together
our friends love us
and see our happiness
and in it our goodness

we need not disguise 
our love
we cannot disguise
our love
everyone can see it in

I wrote this in September 1973

In Him,

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