Saturday, October 25, 2014

Our Life's Mission

It is really quite simple. Deepen my relationship with Him and share His love with others so they may   know Him too.

So often in life we complicate the simple truths. For so long I worried that I was not proficient at prayer. Until I realized my prayers are not formal speeches but loving conversations with Him. 
The 3 word prayer is just as valuable as any other. Communicating is the basis for relationships. 

Too often I get worked up analyzing, complicating, and generally trying to figure out aspects of my life. Ron told me when we were first dating, first falling in love to simplify. He pointed out that Jesus is a simple man. His truth is clear. His love is offered to each of us. 

So simplify life.

Always stop at lemonade stands.
Love one another.
Make yourself a priority.
Keep secrets.
Act without expectations.
Listen more than you speak.
Smile often.
Be kind.
Laugh out loud.
Get up and try again.
Broken crayons still color.
It never rains forever.
Kiss the cook.
Treat others with kindness.
Choose your battles.
Eat less, move more.
Earn your way.
Don't litter.
Enjoy the little things.
Hurt people hurt people.
Quality not quantity.
Don't give up.
Let your light shine.
Do unto others.
Live and learn.
Don't gossip.
Try your best.
Jot that down.
Do what you love.
Think less, feel more.
It's never too late.
Today is the day.
Believe you can.
Say yes more.

Most important of all~Know Him and make Him known.

In Him,

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