Saturday, September 19, 2015

Truthfully, It Should Be All About Me

If only each of us could focus on changing us rather than blaming those in our lives for our choices.
I am so guilty of this very thing. Too often I hear advice and think~ohhhh~ my kids need to hear this. This is perfect for so and so to fix her troubles. Rather than taking it in and applying it to my life, my path, my decisions I divert attention from me. 

Reality is that the only one whose choices I have control over is me. Yet I continually blame my stuff on others. I seek to fix them when I am broken. I judge them for the very steps I take. If only I could work on me when I am at the therapist. Recognize my role in my relationships and stop shifting the truth from myself.

Self reflection is so difficult.  Michael Jackson wrote exactly how we should heal, where are focus should be. To truly make a change.

Easier said than done.
In Him,

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