Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Blog Readers From Ukraine

I think it is time I started praying for the people of Ukraine. There has always been a big following of my blog by people in the Ukraine. Recently, there are more views from the Ukraine than the United States. Seems God is telling me to pray for them. What they are going through with the unrest in their country must bring so much unrest to their sense of peace and security. Watching their country invaded as the world sits by and provides no support.

I googled images and stories of the struggles in Ukraine. Over and over you see people comparing the invasion by Putin and Russia to the way Hitler tried to overtake Europe. What a helpless feeling to be unable to keep your country safe for your family. Americans have been so blessed that the battles around the world have not come full force to our shores. It is hard enough sending our military into harms way abroad. I cannot imagine if our soldiers were protecting us right in our own neighborhoods.

It is not clear to me how my blog has become so popular in the Ukraine of all places. But it leads me to feel a connection with them. Their struggles are definitely on my heart and in my prayers. I for one am praying for Ukraine.

In Him,

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