Saturday, November 14, 2015

Reacting In Gentleness or Harshness

"I decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving because Christ's birth is what I am most thankful for."
Heather Ortega

Okay, so not all of us want to decorate right after Halloween but the truth is everyone should be allowed to do what they want, when they want without being judged. So here I am decorating for Valentine's Day because I am grateful for love. Not really! But I do love this picture of grateful hearts so I put it in my blog today.

There are more worthy things for us to focus on than whether we agree with how or when to decorate our homes or how a coffee cup is decorated. My  Bible study today was powerful. I really just need to share a whole passage with you. But I will give you the gist and a reference for more. 

Joy- an inner quality in relation to circumstances-the way one reacts to others whether in gentleness or harshness. Let our gentleness be evident to all. Gentleness is joy outwardly expressed.  Gentleness is a spirit that is reasonable, fair-minded, charitable, non-retaliatory, gracious. Jesus never sacrificed the truth to be gentle but always had a gentle spirit that disarmed those set against him. Kay Daigle

Let's spend the Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah season embracing and accepting each other with gentleness rather than judging  and griping. I know it brightened my day seeing Jenn's Christmas tree lights sparkling from her front window last night. Mine won't be up till December 15th~ish so until then I can enjoy hers and everyone else who gets an early start to enjoying His season.

(The Bible Knowledge Commentary New Testament, p.663) To read more.
In Him,

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