Sunday, January 29, 2017


Life is all about our connections. 
We try to reach out to those we love
To connect.
In this world of technology
Connecting is simpler than ever. 
Marco Polo

We don't wait until a baby comes home from the hospital
And the parents have time to develop pictures to send in the mail.
Instantly, we are connected to a new life
Through birth photos snapped moments after entering our world
Proud parents don't have to search for stamps
A mere click on the address books shares their joy with all those they love
Near and far.

Heartbreaks are shared and we are supported by those who pray for us 
And those who just send their concern and positive thoughts. 
Storms seem less scary when we have a network
Connected to us to see us through. 

There have been days when someone knocks on my door with just what I need
Moments after I express it. 
This year we raised money for a mission trip to Peru
By making breakfast burritos to serve after church.
When it was clear that we had way too many burritos for the crowd
Jenn put it on FB that we would deliver burritos and people could donate
Whatever they wanted to give.
We had a blast! 
The last of the burritos brought in more money than the ones eaten at church.
It was fun including others in our mission
And we got a promise for prayer support along the way.
One generous soul gave us $100. for 6 burritos.
I wish I wasn't so skimpy on the bacon. 
Hope the extra green chili made up for it!

We humans are meant to share our journeys on this earth.
It is true that we need to put our phones away
And look into each other's faces when we get a chance to meet in person.
But don't discount the wonderful connections that simply wouldn't happen without technology.

I am a part of my adult cousin's lives through FB.
Time and distance just wouldn't make it possible to stay involved 
I am grateful for the connections I have with those who read my blog,
encourage me and pray for me that I will probably never meet in person.
I have a sweet friend who is from Chicago, a place I have never been.
She and I met when she was visiting here for the Fourth of July a few years ago.
Exchanging Facebook info allowed us to stay connected.
I count her as a friend. 
Getting to watch her life unfold is a gift. 

Being part of each other's journeys.

In Him,

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