Saturday, April 8, 2017

Decisions, Decisions

Decisions, decisions, decisions! Life is full of choices each and everyday. Some are small, inconsequential that don't have a big impact on our lives while others are life changing or at least season changing. Last year I made a decision to retire. I wanted to leave teaching at the middle school while I still loved it. Better to mourn a career than to stay until I dreaded going to work everyday. That decision and prayer led me to my next path of working with developmentally delayed babies.

This job is a perfect fit and I love my families, their kiddos and my coworkers. Unfortunately, or fortunately I am considering leaving this position while I still love it. The truth is my life has changed. Our brilliant grandgirl came to live with us this Spring. She is working on an online public school and I need to be home with her more. So, I am prayerfully considering shifting gears again. It may be time to become an online special ed teacher. That seems to be my next step. But as I know from past experiences God will slam doors on wrong situations and open the one that is the best fit. My job is to knock on doors to see which one will lead to my path forward.

For now I think I will make one of those not so life changing decisions and choose a new nail polish for my toes. Hmmmmm. Wonder what to wear to my pedicure?

In Him,

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