Friday, October 17, 2014

Inspire Just One Child

Lord I hope this is true.
Recently, working with my students at the middle school has been challenging.
The kids are kids but their parents aren't always the most supportive.
Best case scenario would be to partner for the success of our students.
Worst is when they treat us like the enemy.

Collaborators not adversaries~
common goal is the good of the student. 

My students are my hearts.
My heart is to help them be the most successful they can be.
My hurt is when their parents don't see my heart.

I pray that I have indeed inspired a few of the children
 I have been blessed to teach
over my lifetime. 
Tutoring at the dining room table
 or sitting on a stool in the front of a classroom.
It has been a joy to be in the lives of kids.

Most parents have become lifelong friends.
Unfortunately, the hostility of a few parents hurts my heart
and overshadows everything at times.

I pray for God to remind me of all that I touch and release 
the few who don't see my heart.

In Him,

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